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David I. Soto

Owner, CEO of FX Signal Services, Inc.

“David Soto has products/services designed to move you forward with your forex trading career. The focus of his services are centered around you being able to spot reversals in the market. With his personal coaching and help, you will be able to navigate through the forex market and become a full-time forex trader. “

Forex Trading Career: 3 years of full time trading both binary options and forex.  Struggled in the beginning and made many mistakes, but through trial and error, David has finally developed methods that are truly working for the average person.  

Current Location:
Davao City, Philippines

What David Soto Provides:
EZ Harmonic Indicator w/ personal coaching, Signal Service, and Trade Copy Service.



Name: David Israel Soto
Birthplace: Florida, USA
Phone: 910-248-9923
Facebook ID: sotod3496
Email: sales@fxsignalservices.trade
Website: https://fxsignalservices.trade
Current Location: Davao City, Philippines

Products and Services

EZ Harmonic v2 Indicator:  This indicator is a combination of harmonic patterns and renko charts.  Purchase of this indicator comes with lifetime coaching and support by David Soto.

Premium Signal Service:  David personally monitors over 30 different currency pairs using his EZ Harmonic v2 indicator.  All signals are delivered via Telegram SMS mobile/desktop app.

Premium Trade Copy Service: David Soto will do all the trading using his EZ Harmonic v2 indicator and the trades that he places will be copied into your account.  This is designed for you to be able to earn while you learn.


My name is David Soto. I have been trading forex for the past 3 years and have taught thousands of students how to trade the forex market. I am here to help you master it as well. I have free training and tools to help you master the forex and binary options market at my Facebook group http://facebook.com/groups/BinaryOptiosnAndForexMadeEasy.

In addition the free training, I provide personal coaching which included with my world reknown EZ Harmonic v2 indicator. If you decide to purchase my harmonic indicator I will provide personal help with trading forex for as long as you or I am alive.

I also have a signal service in which I deliver around 15 signals per day for both binary options and forex using my EZ Harmonic v2 indicator. Currently I am using Telegram for my signals and with this you will receive push notifications on your cell phone alerting youi when to place a trade.

And for those who want to earn while they learn, I have a trade copy service in which me and a team of master traders will trade for you 24 hours around the clock and all trades that we place will be automatically copied into your account.

All my services are designed for you to earn a slow and consistent income from trading. My services are not designed for you to become a millionaire overnight, but through your own efforts using my indicators along with my trade copy service, you will be set on a true path of financial freedom.

Please contact me if you haven’t and let me know that you are desiring to work with me and together dominate the forex markets. My personal Facebook page is http://facebook.com/sotod3496.

I look forward to chatting with you and getting to know you!

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