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FX Signal Services has services that are designed to move you forward with either forex or binary options. Our services are not designed to make you a millionaire overnight, but instead give you a steady stream of income that can be compounded over a period of weeks and months. With our services you will have small successes after small successes that will lead to large successes.
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David I. Soto

Tired of struggling with the forex market? Well, I am here to help. My name is David Soto and I have coached hundreds of my students on how to successfully trade the forex markets and create the income they desire.

My services are not designed to make you a millionaire overnight, but instead give you a consistent steady income that you can let compound over a period of weeks and months to help you achieve your financial goals.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of my services that I offer. I look forward to working with you!

david i soto

David I. Soto

Chief Executive Officer, Fx Signal Services

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Jericho Hernandez

Chief of Coaching


Paulique Hernandez

Chief of Operations

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FX Signal Services Products

If you are in need of additional training and services,
I offer the following paid services:
Premium Trade Copy Service

Premium Signal Service

EZ Harmonic v2

All Inclusive Package

I place all the trades using my EZ Harmonic v2 indicator and they are automatically copied into your account. (VPS recommended for use but not required.). If you would like to get a VPS, please go to http://forexvps.net.

Premium Signal Service using my EZ Harmonic v2 indicator. I deliver around 15 signals per day for both binary options and forex. All my signals are based on a 1H chart. If you trade binary options, I recommend using a 45 min to 1 hour expiration time. If you trade forex, I recommend using a 50-100 pip Take Profit.

One time fee for my unlimited coaching and time spent working with harmonic patterns. Once you pay for this, you will be able to contact me any time you want with questions about how to use it.

This is a lifetime membership to both my signal service and trade copy service. If you purchase the All Inclusive Package you will receive a copy of my EZ Harmonic v2 Indicator at no extra cost.

$75 for one month

$40 for one month

$100 one time payment

$1,200 one time payment

$200 for three months

$100 for three months

$375 for six months

$180 for six months

$700 for one year

$340 for one year

$1,000 for lifetime

$600 for lifetime

Trade Copy Membership Options

Signal Service Membership Options

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Trade Copy Service Client Testimonials

Wayne Jesse

Thanks David I. Soto for the WIN today! It was my first experience with your Premium Trade Copier Service and I am happy to report I earn 11% on this trade.

Mathew Hansen

Been with thee soto’s trade copy service for less than a week and all I can say is WOW, profit speaks for itself. Learn a lot just by watching the master in action. The loss was where I closed it early, if I left it would have made 200+ pips lol. Would highly recommend getting it if not already signed up

Richard Palaruan

4/4 Trades today and yesterday from David’s copy trade service. Not to mention the great support on my queries from David. Just holding on the 1 floating usdchf. Thanks David. Hoping this will keep up forever. =D More power to you and everyone in the group.

Signal Service Client Testimonials

Antonio Brutus

Another Fantasic day using David I. Soto signal service.
If ur not using this, You are marking this way too hard.

Mikael Persson

Why should you join David I Soto premium signal group..

1. one of the cheapest signal service available in the market
2. High win rating
3. easy to use
4. Full support
5. good for beginners who are interested of forex trading
6. get the message directly in your phone when a new trade posted

contact David I. Soto if you want 2017 to be a winner year
myself with signals from the service plus own trading.
last 8 trading Days 94 trades 93 win one lose (my mistake have not confirm the trade cost me 10 dollar but the 93 win give me 593.49 dollar back)

Marie-Pier Comeau

Hey guys, I know most of the time signal service are scammy, bad result and everything, but David is always here for us, and we are getting amazing results on the harmonic group, since he updated his signals to mostly 4 hours we are killing the market, and thats only with tiny 0.01 lots, so if you can put more in man i can imagine how much you could make!

EZ Harmonic Version 2 Indicator Client Testimonial

Oisamoje David

Ending My Week On a Great Ground! Won’t Be Free To Trade So Let Today Enjoy itself. Well Over $100+ this week #BeenConservative Harmonic V2 and super Dot.

Peter Pooe

I’ve been using EZ Harmonics V1 since June 2016, yesterday I upgraded to EZ Harmonics V2, today I made 1215 pips. I thought v1 was good but V2 is something else, what I find most impressive is the amount of info it gives you, multiple time frame support/resistance, Harmonics, signals and signal strength etc…
Thanks David I. Soto

Hans-Peter Aebi

David, thank you very much for your EZ_Harmonic_V2. I tried it today when trading binary options. Within only 90 minutes, I was able to open 15 trades. The result was 13 ITM against 2 OTM.
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