Hi All, I would like to share the Excalibur EA results here. I have been using this EA for almost a month and the results are promising. This is the Live account with Tickmill broker. Started with 458 dollars and it has reached $660now. it earned 200 dollars in 15 trading days. Please note that am running this EA 24/7 in VPS.
Attached the screenshot of my settings for this EA in Tickmill broker. I started with 1M timeframe and later moved to 5M timeframe as the percentage of hitting the TP in 5M timeframe is higher.
I am also testing this EA in demo account with 500 dollars and in another live account with 64 Dollars. I will update the results in coming days.
Few important points on Excalibur EA.
1. This is not a holy grail system, however you can make it as one by following the strict money management.
2. Use 5 mins timeframe and 30 or 40 points as TP.
3. Patience. During unrealistic moment, it may go wrong side but believe me it will turn back and hit your TP.
You just need patience (SWAP is only worrying thing here, but loss is always part of the tading game)
4. Do not use GBP pairs. We need to avoid this currency until the BREXIT issue is fixed.
5. Use always Major Pairs. I use USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, EUR/USD, AUD/NZD, NZD/USD and AUD/CAD.
6. EUR/JPY is the best non USD pair which has less spread (I am not using this one).
7. Do not be greedy. Things will fall in place in your favour with this blessed EA.
Thanks David for your hard work and provide us the wonderful support. God Bless You.