Yesterday, 2/14/17, I received 33 signals from David Soto signal service. I am in US, EST (GMT-5). I do not trade DKK, SEK,SGD,MXN,TRY,NOK, and XAG. No particular reason, just don’t. I decided to demo a strategy I had been thinking about. So I ended up trading 22 signals (out of the 33 received). I won 21 of these. I used a 5 PIP TP (some may see this as 50 pips, depending on where you count from the decimal point). Now that is not much, but on my learning curve and small real account I am content with this for now. A $.40-$.50 profit is my goal each trade (.01 lot). Hopefully with some more deposits and wins I can get to $5.00 profit per trade with my real account. The only one that went rogue on me yesterday was NZDJPY which I received at 11:37 am EST (GMT-5) 2/14. I entered this SELL signal at a price of 81.74. As I type this, it is 82.144. Still OTM but I will wait. Now here is where I may be alone here. I see many posts of multiple indicators/strategies. I have purchased the Easy Harmonic system, but am not currently using it. I enter the signal from David as soon as I get it. ASAP !! No if’s and’s or but’s, just jump right in with both feet. I am IN within 30 seconds of receiving the signal. I understand this goes against what most do, but I wanted to try this out. As some may know I do the 60 second options and my mind is going about 100 mph by the time I end and start to trade FOREX. I trade 60 second Binary Options for 20 hard minutes and then try to decompress. 4 hits of Oxygen and a few deep breaths and I settle into Forex. I am going to try this immediate jump in the rest of the week on my demo account. Today, 2/15 I have received 11 signals and 7 have closed in ITM, but it is early for the 4 that have not reached the 5 pip TP. I also (I know against the rules) enter the swing trades ASAP. Now 21 wins out of 22 trades is over a 95% average. Will everyday be that good?? I would hope so but am a realist and know that some days may not be that good.